Beyza Sekerci was born in 1988 in Istanbul, Turkey.

In 1993 when she was five she started dancing ballet as a hobby, in 1995 her ballet career started professionally when she got accepted in Istanbul City Opera and Ballet House.

Beyza started her specialized ballet training in 1999, in one of the prestigious art schools in Turkey, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and Governmental Conservatory. After completing middle school, high school and university with success, she continued her education with getting her masters in acting in the same art school.

While Beyza’s dancing career was flourishing (while Beyza was continuing her dancing career and studies), she slowly started her acting career with these following productions; Hayat Ağacı (2014), İntikam (2013), Firar (2011-2012), Bitmeyen Şarkı (2010-2011), ES-ES (2009-2010), Süper Babaanne (2008), Beyaz Gelincik (2005), Takım Mahalle Aşkına (2015), Gelmeyen Bahar (2013), Türkan (2011), Avni Amca (2013)

Today, Beyza Sekerci continuing her career with teaching ballet Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and Governmental Conservatory in the same school she graduated a ballet teacher in. She is also a fulltime actor, playing the role "Hermia" in Shakespeare's famous play "A Midsummer Night's Dream".